We actually stayed at a Walmart parking lot

Our Walmart view in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Our Walmart view in Las Cruces, New Mexico

We actually found ourselves driving later than planned and needed to get off the road for a quick overnight while in route.  We had worn ourselves out at Escapades.

We learned our manners from our Boot Camp Instructors and did as we were told: We went in and asked permission before we  settled in, then we bought groceries.

The manager was so pleasant and gave us directions on where to park our rig.  This was a supercenter that was open 24 hours and in a very nice neighborhood.  It was a non-eventful night and we rested well, heading out early in the AM.

The view once daylight broke was a surprise.  We will continue to use caution and do our best to be safe and not to overstay our welcome.   We don’t plan to do this on a regular basis but in a pinch when RV  Parks are far apart and the day is running late, Walmart might be an option for a short overnight.