RV Upgrades


River Road Campsite at Great Salt Plains State Park

As noted in the section of Our Rig and it’s history, We have a 2005 NuWa Hitch Hiker II LS  5th Wheel and 2005 Dodge Ram 3500, Cummings dully truck.

We  feel blessed to travel and live in such a well loved and maintained RV.  We look forward to many “happy travels” just  as Jean and Paul enjoyed their travels.  Jean and Paul snow birded after retirement for many years.  With such experience, Paul and Jean had learned to make each RV  a home and added many nifty items in the fifth wheel to make it comfortable and tidy. These are items that Paul  and Jean added  that we appreciate and we will list them here (photos at the bottom of the page):

  • Added a plexi-glass cover to the screen door, which added sunshine and light to the RV without the wind, rain or coolness of the weather.
  • Added a four step unit to replace the three step unit making getting into the RV easier for Jean, and now for Judy.
  • Installed storage units in the closets, under the sink so that items didn’t roll or fall out of shelves while traveling.
  • Installed a water filtering system on the inlet side of the trailer.
  • Installed towel racks in kitchen under the sink and in the bathroom near the shower and the lav.
  • Installed a spring held rod in the shower for wet towels or swim suits to dry.
  • added an outdoor (removable) clothes line to the bumper for laundry days in the boonies.
  • Repaired a leak in the living area, replace the water damage and installed new carpet.
  • Added and easy slide hitch that helps reduce bounce, smoothing out the ride when towing.

These are the additions that we have added or built upon what Paul and Jean installed to make the 5er home to us:

  • Recovered the swivel rockers/recliners and dining chair seats in more user friendly fabric.  (a wipe-able faux leather that matches my coffee with creamer)
  • Recovered the wallpaper border trim in kitchen and bath with smart tile as a back splash.  This updated the interior.
  • Added slide out shelving units to the pantry  The very first item done.   I love this!
  • Replaced the locks on the basement storage units.
  • Replaced the faucets in the kitchen and bath, the old ones were leaking.
  • Repaired the water damage and all connections and had roof inspected and sealed as needed. (roof was fine).
  • Installed pocket storage around the bed frame for shoes and small items.
  • Added more shelves, hooks for robes, etc., and storage units in closets and drawers.
  • Added a cover to the truck bed frame with a lock on the tailgate.
  • We actually hung up family photos, artwork, and some decorative items using 3-M stickers, industrial Velcro and museum gum.
  • Replaced the heavier TVs with flat screen TVs and attaching them outside of the cabinet doors, using the interior cabinet for storage.
  • We included the photo that Paul and Jean’s family gifted to us of the Caravan Club, Founder Wally Byam.
  • Removed the peeling front logo on the RV.  Hoping to replace it later.
  • Replaced the kitchen and bath water faucets and the shower head with an Oxigenics head.
  • Installed an electric fireplace under TV cabinet.

Things we want to do as time and funds allow:

  • Replace some lighting with LED lights.
  • Add a Honda generator to our equipment list.
  • Install a solar system with appropriate add-on’s for longer boon-docking stays.
  • Add airbags to the truck rear axle.
  • Replace the previous logo with a graphic or another logo if we can find one.



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