Our Fifth Wheel Rig Story

Lakeside at Cedar Oaks, Grove, Oklahoma

Lakeside at Cedar Oaks, Grove, Oklahoma

Our RV, a 2005 32.5 foot Nu Wa Hitch Hiker II LS was previously owned by a member of our RV Club.  Paul was such a delightful fellow and a friend to all.  He and his wife, Jean had owned an RV of various sizes since they married at eighteen years old, 60+ years ago.  They lived in them for several years; raising a family while Paul worked various jobs, and kept one for travels after they settled down.

Paul lost his love, Jean several years ago to a heart attack.  He missed her so, and camping just wasn’t the same without her. He  offered the rig for sale and we were thrilled to be able to offer to  buy it through the dealership that sponsor’s our RV Camping Club.  The deal was sealed with a handshake.   Unfortunately, Paul died before we were able to transfer money and title.  Paul did tell his family of his plans to sell us the trailer and they were kind enough to honor our agreement with him and the dealership.  We feel so blessed to have gotten to know this wonderful family.  They continue on with his goodness of character, sense of family and love of life.

We heard cute stories of  how the gold-fish (fish bowl in the sink) and other pets (dog and cat in crates) traveled from job to job.  It was a system devised by Jean and Paul for quickly breaking camp and setting up after a day of travel.  Everyone had a job to do for the good of all.

We feel blessed to travel and live in such a well-loved and maintained RV.  We look forward to many “happy travels” just  as Jean and Paul enjoyed their travels.

Our Tow Truck has been pulling our trailer since 2005 and knows it well. so this is a “matched rig” so to speak. It is a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 Dully, 5.9 Turbo Cummings diesel.

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