Time in Austin Texas at Lake Georgetown

We’ve been quiet a while. I guess that the winter weather has slowed us down a bit and we are still in that keeping warm mode. We spent a month from mid-January to mid-February in Austin visiting family. The three little grandchildren were a joy to be with and they were great little campout buddies.

They seemed to like to spend time in the rig at the lake and are very good s’mores cooks. We walked the woods, the lake fishing piers and the San Gabriel River walk in the city of Lake Georgetown. One is an avid photographer, another is as a talented actor for videos and another  is a remarkable ghost story-teller. We were  held close to the campfire with the scary tales!

We stayed at the Corps of Engineers managed Jim Hogg RV Park at Lake Georgetown, which just north of the city of Lake Georgetown. It was a busy place on week-ends but during the week it was quiet and serene. We took our strolls when the weather permitted. However, it was colder and rainier than we had expected.  We were surprise when a group of extreme “Dry Campers” took the spot next us on a cold winter week-end.

Jim Hogg Park is about 30 minutes from where our family lives, but Austin is limited on RV Parks much closer to our destination. We thought the park to be attractive enough to be worth the drive and with our senior pass the discount compensated for the commute.  It was a nice family time and it was hard to head westward toward our destination in Arizona.