Special sites off the beaten path

The RV Life is full of surprises.  Every once in awhile we run across something different.  Such was the case recently when we came across this interesting home built with petrified wood.   It obviously has more history to share and I would love to hear it someday.  For now, all that I can share are the photos of a beautiful old home built with petrified wood!


The grounds alone are worth the trip. It had a small apiary, a butterfly garden and was built on the shores of the local river.


There must be a lot of family stories to tell under the lovely natural settings.


A hidden gem!


Maybe another house in the making…..


Places like this are not in the tour guide or listed in a Visitor Center.  Places like this are dear to the heart of the local residents.  If we take the time to visit with people that we meet as we travel, they will share the most special of places of interest.  This home belonged to  a family group, probably handed down through generations.   It was a rare site for us and one that I doubt that I will ever see again.