Park Sierra, California

We spent a week in Park Sierra, a  SKP Co-Op RV Park.  It is a lovely park with a unique design and lay-out.  Located near Coarsegold, California and less than 50 miles from Yosemite. 

It boasts that Teddy Roosevelt rode the stage coach through this land on his way to visit Paul Muir in Yosemite.   Fortunately for us, Yosemite was declared a National Park after that visit.   

The Park lay-out is not the standard herringbone figure.  The lots are somewhat secluded into crooks and crannies along curvy and hilly streets.   We had a beautiful site on a hill and watched the quail parade in and out of our patio area. 

It was the Annual Membership Meeting week.  We were invited to observed their meetings and to enjoy the meals and visit with the voting members.  It was impressively enjoyable and they handle their business meetings professionally and with enthusiasm.  We like this park and will return.