2017 Winter so far

We have spent most of January and now into February in Arizona.  Our internet has been sketchy at times, therefore the long pause between publishing the Blog.  I find it frustrating to spend time trying to upload photos when the internet will only handle short posts or emails.  I do some writing off-line in my word files and put it all together on-line once Phil gets the photos edited the way he likes them.  However, we have been busy playing in the good weather that finally arrived this past week.  The following several posts will hopefully catch us up on the past month’s activities.

We left Medina Lake Thousand Trail Park just north of San Antonio after the Holiday.   We enjoyed dancing the night away and watching fireworks there.  The fireworks display was spectacular!  I spent the time there finishing up a quilt for one of my granddaughter’s birthday.  It is a T-shirt quilt from her daddy’s (and uncles) youthful athletic days.  She loved it!

img_0108reduced_2230We surprised ourselves by staying at a Flying J Truck Stop two nights in a row.  Then we continued west arriving in Benson early January and caught up with friends at the Saguaro SKP Co-Op Resort.  We are on the list to lease into a spot and we are  getting close enough to bid one of these days.  We just are not ready to settle down for any length of time yet.  We want to slow down our travels and enjoy each place a bit more, but not for months at a time yet.

We only stayed a few days to regroup and then drove on up to Yuma for dental cleaning and new glasses.   We stayed at the KOFA SPK Co-Op again meeting up with buddies, Donna and Bob for lunch across the border.  They are experienced tour guides to the Algodones dentist office, the eyeglass store, pharmacy (never use the word “drugs”) and the liquor store where  we bought Mexican Vanilla. We usually have lunch and head back shortly after.  It is always a fun and colorful day.  I love the vendors and the food.  We were told that the border was crowded with folks trying to get their papers together to cross over before the inauguration.  We did not see that at all. Entrance and Exit times were as usual.

We joined the Escapees Boomer BOF group for the movie “Hidden Figures” with a lunch or dinner afterwards.  This is a winter weekly event and such a fun time to gather with fellow travelers.  Donna and I attended the Annual Ladies Lunch too.  It is another good time to visit with other ladies who travel full-time or who used to travel full-time, but settled in the area when they got off the road.  It is one of the few times that some of us get to gussy up a bit.


Judy dressed up and showing off new eye glasses


Donna Huffer and Friends at the Ladies Luncheon

After a few days we filled the pantry with a variety of foods and supplies and drove the 95 miles to Boomerville in Quartzsite, Arizona.  Quartzsite is a small quiet town in the summer near the California border that swells in population in January for the Annual Big Tent RV Show.  RV Dealers come in with all kinds new, used, old and different RVs for sale.  If you can’t find what you are looking for here, it probably was never made.


Lady Bug Camper at our Geo-Cache Rally

The Tent Show is a massive assortment of RV and non-RV products on the market.  Some items are new to the market, while others are the standbys that new Rvers must have.   We have such fun strolling the aisles for interesting products.  We don’t buy a lot of stuff, but never miss the ice cream truck!  Patrons stand in one line to buy a ticket for scoops of ice cream, then stand in another line to order from a large selection of flavors.  It may take 30 minutes to an hour to get your ice cream, but you may meet a new friend while in line.   Rver’s are just different people.  They are friendly, polite and kind.  Even when problems arise, they look at it as an opportunity to find the silver lining.  Most never meet a stranger, just like us.


Campfires and friends in the desert

We spent two weeks in Boomerville which is a swath of desert BLM land inland about 2 miles from I-10.  This is dry camping, so most folks have solar or a generator to keep the batteries charged.   We have a nice propane stove to stave off the cold in the mornings and evenings.  It was colder than expected so we dressed in layers trying to keep warm. Boomers are an Escapee Birds of a Feather group with no dues, no rules (except come and be nice), no age limits that meet up several times over the year at various places for what is called a Boomerang.  Boomerville in Quartzsite is a  large gathering and offers something for everyone.   We had walks, laughing yoga, zumba (cancelled due to the wind and cold), movies, talks on lots of subjects, pancakes and an auction to benefit CARE and a daily Happy Hour to meet up and share our day.  It is a special event.


Lots of rigs and one lovely sunset

We joined a group to kayak the backwaters of the Colorado River near Blythe, California.  It was sunny, but very cool.


Backwater kayak trip near Blythe, California

From Boomerville, we moved over to the GeoCaching Rally to hone our skills.  After the rally, we continued to stay with our two traveling buddies Bob and Donna and Bill and Esther.  We explored Quartzsite’s historical places while the guys went to the Parker 425 Races near Bouse.

Quartzsite City Museum

Quartzsite City Museum


Parker 425 Desert route near Bouse, Arizona


We  practiced our newest geocaching skills with Esther, and went dancing several times.  From here, the six of us are going to Parker to pick up our General Delivery mail, get the Walmart supplies and then go to a location called The Steps where our friends  hope to watch the Big Blast.  The Big Blast is a four-day long, nightly fireworks display put on by the large suppliers for potential customers, like cities, parks and other enthusiasts. Weather permitting they will watch from the desert at a distance for free.


Esther Goodchild geocaching


Parker 425 Desert Race Cheap Seats!

Ladies Day Out

Ladies Day Out
















Harley-Davidson Steel Toe Tour

We moved from Hershey, PA to Dover, PA so that we could meet our friends Laura and Cliff. We toured the Harley-Davidson motorcycle plant in York, PA.


We were each impressed with the manufacturing process, the robotics and the beautiful machines that were completed in just a matter of hours.



After touring the gift shop to pick up a memento of the day, we grabbed an early dinner downtown at the White Rose Bar and Grill and saw a bit of the city.



It was great touching bases with friends and hearing of their adventures and sharing our own. Happy Trails until we meet again Cliff and Laura!_dsc0590reduced_2073