Troll Haven

Troll HAaven Entrance

Troll Haven Entrance

Another day trip into the surrounding area of the Olympic Peninsula near Port Townsend, Washington brought us to the whimsical site of Troll Haven.   It is only about a mile off of highway 101 near the Puget Sound on a farm road.

At one time it was the summer home of a wealthy businessman who fashioned this residence complex after the Hobbit Tales to entertain himself and his friends.  He is long gone and it now is another private residential farm with part of it used as Luxury Accommodations and Special Occasion Events, such as weddings.

The fence posts leading to the property were carved with figures from an imaginary kingdom.

We enjoyed walking the public areas and took a few snapshots just for fun. It is a hoot The parking lot was open for parking and signs notified visitors what parts were open to the public and what parts were private and not to trespass.

It was interesting to see the strange figures, the mystical artwork and the colors that cover the buildings.  I still wonder what he was thinking when he built this place……..

Sequestered areas with a coastline  and many more statues of the fantasy are on the market for resale previously listed for $200 Million, now reduced to $13 Million.

We left Troll Haven and drove a few more miles west to Sequim (pronounced “Squim”), Washington.  On the way, we stopped at John Wayne’s Marina.  I have no idea why it is named that.  We walked the marina and admired the many sail boats docked there. Things were quiet today since it was midweek.

At Sequim, we had a lunch of fish and chips and I must say it was delicious. Fish cooked close to shore tastes so much better than weeks of being frozen and then sold to be cooked.   Sequim had a nice downtown with specialty shops.  We just don’t have room for anymore special items.

We picked up a few groceries and fuel and headed by home to the Chimacum SKP RV Park.  All in all, a nice day.