More RV Home Projects and Then Some

As fledgling full-timing Rvers, we are constantly learning different ways of doing things to make life easier and more comfortable while we travel.

We spent a couple of weeks in Sequim, Washington at the Elk’s Lodge, while I recovered from a dancing toe injury:  We were two-stepping at the local Elks Lodge when I managed to get my new pedicured foot under Phil’s cowboy boot. IMG_20150901_084355804  We actually had to leave the hall and head to the ER about 17 miles away in Port Townsend where they were able to surgically remove the big toe nail. It looked awful for a week or so, but I am fine now. Thanks to the good care by Phil. He was very attentive and kept the ice bag ready 20 minutes every hour.

While I recovered with ice and a raised foot in the recliner, rented movies  and several novels, Phil tidied up the incoming water connection system that we use.

He was not pleased with our messy system where the filter flip-flopped on the ground and hoses were scattered.  We had used a bucket system for a while but it didn’t have the stability that this system gives.   Using a plastic inexpensive footstool, he drilled or cut holes to fit our filter and a pressure gauge.

Water inlet system tidy up

Water inlet system tidy up

The footstool gives a stability to the heavy items and keeps them off the ground.  He also was able to install the two valve faucet allowing him to add a hose for various options.  A neighboring RVer had built this system for his RV and we promptly borrowed his idea.  He didn’t mind. RVers are like that, they share good ideas!

The other project was returning a blue flame propane heater to AMAZON as we could not get it to stop leaking propane.  It was a small leak, but the odor was offensive to me and of course any propane leak is very dangerous.   We ordered another type of propane heater, this one is smaller and so far it appears to be leak free.  It is a Mr. Heater Big Buddy 19000 BTU, radiant heater and I do like the way this type of heat feels like rays of Sun.  We do not sleep with it on and we still keep a window cracked to be sure there is plenty of fresh air available.  We also updated our propane leak detector system as ours was over 10 years old.  I think the rule of thumb is 5 years to replace them.

Mr Heater install

Mr Heater install

We like camping in National Parks and Forests from time to time and it seems that the prettiest sites are often boon docking or dry camp sites.

The mornings and evenings can get chilly this time of year in the northwest.  It is just starting its’ stormy, rainy season and temperatures are cooling down.  The recent rains are much needed in this area and we have enjoyed the raindrops falling on the roof.  So far, they have been gentle and the winds mild.

While we were still in Sequim at the Elk’s Lodge, they were having a dinner.  The lodge provided the meat.  Guess what the meat was.

                                           BEFORE AND AFTER

Our next stop will be in Oregon to add one more AGM battery and one more solar panel.  The extra battery will bring the 200 Amp Hours to 300 Amp hours and the new solar panel will up our Wattage from 160 to 320 to charge the batteries.  That should complete our off-grid solar system install that we started last March.

Phil cut open a spot between the two AGM batteries installed not long ago, re-cabling the batteries and replacing the solar wiring with heavier wire   to add efficiency to the system’s charging capabilities.

It is a small solar system comparatively, but we feel it will meet our limited needs.  We don’t camp off grid a lot but when we do, we want to be comfortable.  We will let you know how it works!

Our month in Biloxi

We brought the rain that was in Texas with us and it hasn’t left the state yet!  Cold weather has also crept into the Gulf Coast.  This is a different winter than we had expected!

Our month in Biloxi, Mississippi was spent mainly with family.  Christmas was wonderful, full of good food and some of our grandchildren.  In addition, we hit a few museums and area attractions with them. Continue reading

Wrapping up 2014

I like to finish one project before I start another project. Before we can plan the future, we need to put away the past. As Phil and I start the New Year, we pause to look back over our time on the road since we left our “sticks and bricks” house to travel full-time. Continue reading

RV Christmas

Our little tree and table top quilt.

Our little tree and table top quilt.

This is our first Christmas in the RV!  Decoration was on a   smaller scale but our enthusiasm and joy for the Season is grand.



We wish our family and friends, who are near and far a very

 Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year!

We are currently in Ocean Springs, Louisiana (near Biloxi) visiting with one of our families.  It has been 10 years since we spent Christmas with this part of our large and treasured family!  We miss the ones not here.

Judy and Phil