Family Time in Pennsylvania

We did a quick detour to Wilkes-Barre area to visit a special niece. We hadn’t seen one-another for many years, but it was if we saw one-another yesterday. We were so comfortable.

She and I love flea markets and we did our best to do justice to the merchants by admiring and often buying wonderful bargains in their sale booths.


Then it was off to a local restaurant for breakfast. Phil and I seek out the local food cafes. It gives us a sense of the community. It is amazing the things that you can learn at a local eatery._dsc0562reduced_1938

My niece likes to give gifts, I love to receive and she is good at it!
We will have another visiting opportunity in a couple of days. They will be coming to our house on wheels for a cookout. I love having people over and am so glad that our rig gives us that space and the park gives us a fire pit with ambiance.


This is a wonderful family and I am so glad to see them!