We are Phil and Judy Kerns and we are just starting to implement our adventure plan of full-time travel in an RV.  We left the corporate world a couple of years ago after both of our employers were bought out and there was duplicity in positions.  We decided that after a year or so of not finding another appropriate position for either of us at our age, perhaps we should consider retirement.   We picked up old hobbies, fixed up the house and yard to be just what we always wanted then looked at one another and said “now what?”

We had already started travelling in a 27 foot tow trailer heading out to Yellow Stone National Park and the full North West tour having a wonderful time right away.  It only whetted our appetite for more adventures.  We joined a local travel club and enjoyed the short monthly travel gigs and learning the ins and outs of camp setup and take downs.   Again, we longed for more.

Then, out of the blue a friend’s 5er and dually rig became available and we purchased it quickly.  We talked with our adult children about our dream and found wonderful support to follow our hearts.  We put the house up for sale, downsized using Craig’s List, donations to non-profits and giving mementos and heirlooms to the family, storing enough for a small cabin, condo or apartment when we want or need to get off the road. We are ready to roll, once the house sells….

We did a travel log while doing our Yellow Stone trip for the family and by popular demand promised another one.  However, we have had numerous requests from extended family, friends and acquaintances to be added to the log, with that task at hand, blogging makes more sense.   This will be the chronicle of our travels, adventures and to some our foolish antics or capers, hence our domain of kernskaper.com.  This is our caper, to travel full-time visiting National Parks, RV Resorts, and to follow the sun or our personal call.

We hope to share our adventures and experiences with those who are interested.  Please feel free to tag-along with us.


9 thoughts on “About

    • We hope soon! I want to see you and your mom and catch up on much needed conversation. California is on this year’s list. We are hoping that he house sells soon. We have been cruising the parks on-line but will need advice from the locals.


  1. You mentioned you stored some items to furnish a place as part of your exit strategy. Where did you store your belongings, with a moving company or did you rent your own storage unit? Also, where do you winter over? Does your 5er have a laundry pair on board, and if so, do you like it? We are considering the fulltime adventure so have a few questions! Thank you!
    Bobbie Hostetler


    • Hi Bobbie,

      Thanks for reading our blog. We rented a commercial storage facility where we stored our RV before we went on the road full-time. We had several good years of history with them. So far, we have not been disappointed. I agree with the many long term full-timers that recommend having no storage units, and hope to get to that place soon.

      We have a cabinet and the appropriate electrical wiring for a combo washer/dryer in our rig, but have not purchased one. We have heard mixed reviews on them and the quality of use. They also add weight to the rig. Weight issues can be troublesome and costly. We also have found that Laundromats can be a good source of local information; tasty and affordable cafes, hairdressers, dog groomers, grocery stores and local points of interest.


      • Thank you so much for responding. Maybe by next year we will be starting our own adventure! Good point about the laundromat being a place to glean local info. Take care, thanks again!


    • We just t might. We are now part-timers after a wonderful 5 years stent on the road. We loved it, have no regrets, but alas life happens and we knew that someday it would be time to slow down.


  2. I and some buddies played golf with Phil in Death Valley a few years ago when you were traveling out West. I have followed you off and on over the years since. Upon checking your webpage this morning, I noticed that you have not posted in over a year. I hope all is well with you.


  3. Thank you for inquiring. We are coming out from a tough year and a half with Judy’s surprise medical issues. She looks and feels great and we have great doctors taking care of the situation. They are optimistic that all will turn out well. She plans to update the last few travel trips that her illness interrupted. The blog may vere a bit from full-time travel but we still take short trips, and love to share. Phil is playing lots of golf now. We have settled near Austin, Texas in a Senior Active Community with 3 golf courses! He loves them all!


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