The Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

I know that this blog is a bit overdue, but hopefully better late than never will be good enough this time.

We watched the weather for days and listened to the campground travels as to the best place to see the eclipse.  We were just north of Bowling Green Kentucky where it was to be 100% totality.   However, the warnings of traffic jams and parking limitations concerned us.  Our dually truck has big hips and just getting here with the fiver in tow was a challenge.  Traffic had already started to get congested, warnings of do not park on shoulder and roads being blocked for traffic control concerned us.  Not to mention the lack of potties available….


We decided to stay in our park as we were told to expect 99.5% semi-totality (?).  We weren’t alone so I gathered grown up snacks and we had a small party.  The kids in the park got chocolate moon pies!

Eclipse 2017

We are ready.

It is amazing the wonderful people that we meet when we travel.  These folks are from California and our paths crossed for just a few days, but a lifetime of memories and we hope to meet up with them again.

Pj came out for the food but decided the heat wasn’t worth wearing the doggles, so he retreated back to the fiver and it’s air conditioning.


We weren’t successful in getting good shots on Phil’s camera and altho disappointing it didn’t take away from the experience.   Our view gave us the view just as expected.  we experienced the dusky-dark sky, the cool eerie feeling as the moon covered the sun (all but a slight sliver at the bottom) and the change in natural noises.  We did not see any stars, but neither did the folks in Bowling Green that we talked with afterward.

The folks that went to Bowling Green left at 6:30AM to get to their reserved site at the drive-in theatre.  They said it was 30 minutes in and 4-6 hours to get home after the eclipse was over.   They enjoyed the carnival atmosphere, especially the kiddos.  However, one neighbor said that he would have enjoyed our party just as well and $30 richer from parking.


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