Mammoth Cave National Park

We like caves on occasion.  Mammoth Cave is considered the largest in the world, and has been on my bucket list.  It has several touring options and guided in-depth opportunities.  Phil injured his foot just as we were loading up the rig to come on this trip and is still a bit gimpy.   So we decided on the least strenuous tour, the Niagara Falls  tour.

This cave is as dark as any we have been in and photography was a challenge and flashes were not allowed, so we only got this one shot.

It is about 1-1/4 mile walking in and out and only 50 optional steep steps.  We were shown various creatures that live in the cave, but we looked and saw no bats.   The formations were beautiful and the cave was fascinating, although I must admit that I am usually ready to leave the caves that we visit a bit before the tour is over.

We arrived at the cave museum early and purchased after lunch tickets because the morning tours were sold out.  We visited the museum, ate lunch at the hotel grill, had our tour and then hit the ice cream shop.  It was a fun day.  National Parks are one of our favorite places to stay, but it was booked so we are staying outside the park entrance at Diamond Caverns RV Park.   We haven’t toured Diamond Caverns yet.

Our purpose and timing to be here is the Solar Total Eclipse.   We had planned on going into Bowling Green for the eclipse but with traffic warnings galore to go the 17 miles into town, we will likely stay here in the park.   It has a large open green area to view and we expect it to be a 98-99% total eclipse.   I think that will be exciting enough for us.

We are hoping for good weather and viewing vantage.  We have our special glasses!

We are like a couple of kids when we get out and about……



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