National Corvette Museum

We booked over a week in Kentucky and are having a ball!  We couldn’t be this close and not go see the corvettes!  We walked in and found this lucky couple, Dave and Sharon  sitting in a brand new 2017 black corvette convertible that they just won in a raffle!

This is not their first corvette, but it is the first new one.   They have been buying a ticket each year for many years and this year they actually won!  They were so excited and we were excited for them.

Corvettes have been a symbol of speed and automobile power from its’ beginning .  It was a hoot to walk back through time from the first cars up to the current models.

We each had a favorite.

The corvettes are  used as pace cars  in many a race.

We found memories of long ago, like full service gas stations.

This was my favorite, but I need to buy a raffle ticket….

They have a full section taped off over the sink hole that collapsed and ate several cars in a matter of 30 seconds.

One display simulates the vibrations and noises of the event, another shows the rumpled, crunched up vehicles all mangled in a piles and then the last two cars to fall were restored and sit proudly among them all.  It was a big project to recover the cars and repair the facility.

There is a trap door with glass that one can see the 30 foot fall to the bottom of the sink hole.  Great care was taken in the reconstruction of the dome over the sink hole to ensure it’s safety and integrity.

I did a quick stop to look at some of the products in the gift shop.  Since we live in an RV, shopping is rare and only small items allowed.  We did buy a yellow corvette, see it on the counter?

To top off the tour, we ate lunch at the Corvette Cafe which also included Kentucky ice cream.   I chose a root beer float and Phil chose a chocolate malt.  We gobbled them up before I could get a picture, but you all know what a root beer float and a malt look like!

The factory tours were not being held at this time or we would have gone to it too.  Bowling Green is a nice sized city in Kentucky and it has a charm about it.  We didn’t spend  much time in Bowling Green as we were just having too much fun out at Mammoth Cave National Park.

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