Hot Springs, Arkansas Time for a bath!

Hot Springs anywhere are a favorite pass time for us.  We’ve stopped at several natural hot water spots in our travels.   


I have been to Hot Springs, Arkansas for business and usually enjoyed a full luxurious spa treatment at the Arlington Hotel.   I had never visited Bath House Row.  We planned our trip so that we could spend a couple of days in Hot Springs and visit the downtown area of Hot Springs National Park.


Hot Springs, Arkansas was the place to visit in the early 1900’s if you had aches and pains.  Other illnesses were claimed to be treated there as well.  My sister told me that my Grandma Gertrude enjoyed a soak in the hot tubs there when she had arthritis flare ups.  It is still a busy place even with the locals.


We chose to go to Bath House Row and just soak in the hot pools of natural spring water of varying warm to hot temps.  The natural water is cooled before it enters the pools.  It is extremely hot coming our of the ground.


I spoke with the local ladies in the dressing rooms and if you live in the area, you can get a membership similar to a gym membership.  The average stay is about an hour and we found that to be the best for us too.


Swimming suits and flip flops are required in the public pools, but you can book a private soak with multiple steam boxes and/or body lotions massages.  It more like a “tub and rub” experience.


However, we enjoyed our hour and it didn’t break the bank.


It is still a relaxing place to be!


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