Road Trip!

After being in Georgetown for several months, we were getting comfortable and settling in, except for the summertime heat!  

After several good reports from my doctors, we were given the go-ahead for a trip.   We certainly have good reason for one.  We haven’t seen one set of grandchildren for a while in Virginia and since there will be a celebration in September, we are proud to attend.

When I started planning the trip, I had to keep in mind that we have a window of time between last treatments and next treatments.  It will be an eight week round trip, but none-the-less a quick trip because we are covering a lot of miles.

We considered flying although we both hate to go by plane.   Leaving Pj had us concerned.  He has separation anxiety when we leave him with a boarding facility and due to his age, we decided it best if we traveled together.  The things we will do for our furry buddies!


We have broken a couple of rules already:

  • Started off late in the day.
  • Stayed only one night twice
  • drove over 200 miles a day and
  • arrived after 2 PM

To explain ourselves, we left late because Phil had  a last minute opportunity to take a golf lesson.  He hopes to golf with the grand-kids in Virginia, and he is a little out of practice and needed a tune up.  They on the other hand have gotten better.  The pro had been booked for months and this time was all that he had to offer, so Phil grabbed it with my blessing.

We only drove about 130 miles that leg and spent one night in a city park with full hook-ups including 50A for FREE!   That is the photo above and the park is located in the city of Tomball, Texas.  It is just north of the Woodlands area near Houston.


We were up bright and early to get a head start on the day to get to Rainbows End near Livingston, Texas (our domicile) to get the fiver inspected and to register it and get our tag renewal completed.  We also picked up our mail at the HQ.  We spent another one night stand there and headed northerly about 260 miles to Hot Springs Arkansas.



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