A Celebratory Lunch

After a few months of some stress due to Judy’s medical issues, we finally got a bit of good news.  A celebration was in order, which in our life means food.

We wanted to do something new, so we got adventurous and dined at an Indian Vegetarian Cafe in Round Rock, Texas.

Suprabaht is a small but nice restaurant with original East Indian cuisine.   Since we are from Oklahoma, we asked for assistance in ordering something new and tasty, but not too spicy.  There pictures of the dishes on the menu with descriptions of the dishes and the ingredients in English, but we recognized little.

Judy ordered a “Mini Idly”, which she thoroughly enjoyed.  It was gluten free!


It appeared to be a light dumpling, a spicy squash stew with various spices and ghee to dip the dumpling.   Linguistics were difficult,  so  not a lot of explanation on what we got or how to eat it.  We decided it was finger food, except for the stew and ice cream.

Phil pointed to a picture on the menu and ordered it.  It looked like a giant mass of onion rings, but he really liked it.   IMG_0385reduced_2408reduced_2439

It was a large amount of food but we each ate to our fill.

We followed the meal with in house made mango Indian ice cream.  It cleansed and cooled the pallet.

We plan to return for another nice meal.  This was such fun!

Eventually, we will post more on the medical stuff, but right now, we are still in exploratory mode.  Once we finish a few more tests, we will know more to share.  These things take longer than any of us like.  We are enjoying our time here, hoping to make lemonade out of lemons.   We are very optimistic and so are the docs.

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