Showing family around Georgetown

Inner Space Caverns is a retaliative newly discovered cave in Texas.   In the 1963 while constructing I-35, a soil testing drill bit was lost in the ground.   While trying to retrieve it, the cave was discovered.

It doesn’t look like much on top of the ground, only a small shop and ticket office.  However, below ground it is amazing.   So far, we have visited twice, each time with visiting grandchildren.  They particularly liked the mammoth that has be reconfigured from a bone found in the cave.

The guided tour is an educational adventure.  We will go again with the next set of visitors.  Each time we go, we see something that we missed before.

Another fun outing is the Round Rock Express Baseball Team ballgames.  We did this twice and found the games a lot of fun.  The stadium caters to the kids with a play area, special events and general admission at reduced ticket prices.

It was Princess Night and the little princesses were involved in the Presentation of the Color Guard.  We love the ceremony of it all.

Food is a family traditions and this area  is full of all kinds of dining: American, Tex-Mex, International, most having vegetarian and gluten free options.




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