The Sky is falling…..

We felt like Chicken Little on I-45 in when a big “Bam” hit our windshield just behind the rear view mirror.  We felt the glass shatter in small pieces and saw the cracks in the windshield.  We pulled off the expressway at the first opportunity to check out the damage.

Windshield damage

It could have been worse, but from where did it come?  We have a dashcam and it happened to be working that morning (although the date and time is wrong) and we looked through the feedback and because the screen is small, we did not really find what happened. Once we returned home, Phil was able to slow down the action and this is what he discovered:

Date is wrong, we will correct it for future recordings.

We think that it appears to be a bent nail flying through the air.  We still can’t figure out it’s origin.  We were not especially close to any trucks  and traffic was not congested.

Nonetheless, it had to be repaired.  Insurance covered all but the deductible (which I insist on keeping low) and Safelite actually replaced it on-site at our RV Park.

Replacement of windshield on-site

It took about an hour and a half for the complete job.

Nice and clean.

Our decals for tolls and safety stickers were removed from the old windshield and placed on the new windshield.  This turned out to be less trouble than we expected.

As stated earlier, this could have been much worse and we are grateful for a safe recovery.  Phil handled the shock of the incident very well by not veering out of our lane and the repair was reasonably quick and easy.  We are glad that we are safe.

The traffic in the Austin area is at times challenging.  Just last Thursday while at the doctor’s office, a serious collision happened on another highway when two vehicles hit head on during late noon traffic.   Again there was just a “Bam”, when when we all looked up, we saw the cars careening in opposite directions, barely missing another head on collision with a semi truck.  One vehicle careened off the road and the other remained in the traffic lane, a sitting duck.  None of us witnessed the actual accident.

Traffic accident outside of the doctors office.

The medical office called 911, the staff and  the gentlemen in the office headed out to assist with immediate first aid and to divert traffic until the police, firetrucks and ambulances arrived.   Phil happened to have his orange safety vest in the truck which at least identified him as not a hitchhiker or street bum while diverting and slowing traffic.  It was frightful and both drivers were injured; only one was taken by ambulance to the hospital.   Both vehicles appeared to be totaled.  Again it could have been worse as the traffic was thick and more vehicles could have been involved, but it was still very serious for the one driver.  We wish that driver well.  It doesn’t take but one mistake to change a lifetime.

Please dear ones, travel carefully and stay ALERT.

4 thoughts on “The Sky is falling…..

  1. “The traffic in the Austin area is at times challenging.” — how diplomatic! We found that Austin had the usual big-city traffic, but there seemed to be a higher proportion of idiots and a**holes on the roads, especially the freeways. That’s great that you were prepared to assist the drivers.


  2. how  awful but glad you were not injured, Deb and  Gene had a rock hit his drivers side window in Texas on their big trip.  I can’t seem to get to the wordpress continuation.


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