What do we do when we are not traveling?

We have been sitting still for several months while we get medical appointments taken care of and trying to figure out what comes next.  We visited with the local family and some of our other family members have visited us in Georgetown.  We love seeing family!

We also had RVing friends visit from Minnesota, Florida and Oklahoma.  We enjoyed those visits too!

We got settled in quickly with bird feeders, potted plants and herbs around the patio.   We also signed up for dance lessons at the Georgetown Recreation Center, honing up our steps and moves.  We attended a few community dances and enjoyed getting back into the groove.

We still had time on our hands and since Phil can’t just sit , repairs and upgrades became the deal of the day.   Having an RV means that there is constant maintenance, repairs and all sorts of little things that need attention.  Since we had a stable address, we did a lot of Amazon ordering.  Phil was busy!  Below are a few of the items that he completed during our time at Berry Springs RV Park:

We arrived in the Spring which is rainy season.  The house felt damp, the towels wouldn’t dry on the rack and I felt clammy and cold. The humidity is extreme and mold is not something that one wants growing in the RV.  Phil ordered a dehumidifier and it pulled a lot of water out of the air.  We won’t need it all year but during rainy season and humid days, it helps.


Another purchase was to upgrade our thermostat for our heating and cooling system from analog to digital.  The response time to turn on or off the system is more accurate and speedy. That gives more stability in the in the house temperatures.  No more freezing then sweating before the analog thermostat decided to come on or go off.

Digital Thermastate

We drink a lot of water and don’t like to continually taste the changes in water from one location to another.  We have been buying Reverse Osmosis filtered water for several years in large jugs.   We were always locating a place to buy it.   We found this counter top RO Filtration system on line which fit our space, budget and needs.  It needs no install and makes about 2 gallons of water in 13 minutes or so.  Brings our tap water to 12 parts per million of total dissolved solids (TDS).

Filter side of RO water filter

Filtration System

Also in the photo below is the updated weather monitor.  It tells us temperature and humidity inside and outside without having to open the door. I like the time and sunshine or cloudy graphics.

Front view of our ne Aquatrue water filter


Another project was a drop down shelf for the kitchen counter.  It helps with space management in a tiny kitchen.

New extra counter space in the up position

The slide is located in this space so it had to drop down to pull in the slide.  He ordered the hangers and found the ready made shelf at a local hardware store.

New extra counte spacer folded down

Clutter is an issue in an RV and our shoes were a sticky point for us.  We don’t really have a place to put our shoes as we come into the RV.  However, we found this shoe rack at IKEA in Austin.  For under $10, it has been handy.

Shoe Tree empy

Shoe Tree empty

Less tripping hazards with shoes on the tree rather than on the floor.

Shoe tree full and not on the floor

Yikes, we’re locked in!!!  One evening when Phil was taking PJ out for his last of the day walks, the RV door wouldn’t open.  He knew exactly what to do and promptly pulled out a screwdriver and took apart the lock.  He found broken pieces inside the lock.  We had no notice of this coming on, the door opened, closed and locked without problems.

The Handy Man

Lucky for us, there is an RV Dealer and Parts store not far from the park where he found exactly what we needed to secure our home.  Brand new door lock!

New door handle an lock

And finally the more personal item is the TV headset that Phil likes to wear to watch TV or movies.   Phil has a hearing issue and sometimes the volume that he needs to hear the dialog is too loud for me (did I say headache) .  I used ear plugs to lower the volume, but we worried if his volume level might be heard down the block.  No one complained.  This also allows me to read a book and have control of the TV volume and not be distracted by the bullets and bombs or the high intensity chase scenes of guy movies.   He is cool about my chic flicks, but I abhor violent movies or extreme action.

This set headset transmits in FM so there is no latency of the sound.   $85 at Best Buy and $46 on Amazon when I purchased them.

FM Head Set for the TV

One would think that our to-do list is empty.  Sadly it is not.   As one item gets crossed off the list, another is added.  Someday we will replace the igniters on the stove, again and again…..


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