Settling In

We are getting comfortable in our little RV Park near Georgetown, Texas.

I have a small herb garden with parsley, cilantro, basil and marigolds to keep the bugs away.

The large pot has a Texas Chocolate Daisy.  The flower’s brown central disc actually smells like Hershey’s chocolate.  Mine bloomed earlier and should bloom again over the summer. My grandson took it to school for a wild flower project.  It grows wild mainly in the panhandle.

I was given a batch of mint after this photo was taken,  I love to have a snip of fresh herbs added to almost any dinner dish.

We are trying to feed the birds, but they don’t seem too interested.

Sometimes the hummingbirds grace our day for a sip.

The main attraction of this park is the location to the Nature Preserve across the street.  It seems to be our go-to place almost everyday that the weather permits.

This is one of my favorite stops along the preserve’s walkways.

This is below the dam of Berry Springs and the walk is shady.


There are different blooms on a regular basis.  I particularly like to see the cacti in bloom.

I recently learned that the park has donkeys that we can feed carrots to, only one per donkey so not to spoil their appetites.  I hope to get a photo of them for next time.

5 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Beautiful photos and I’ve never heard of a chocolate daisy– so interesting! Wonderful to be so close to a Nature Preserve especially this time of year….a great place to feed the soul.


  2. Love your pictures and stories Phil and Judy! We think about you both and wish you well in your journey. Texas is beautiful in the spring. Love you both!


  3. Thanks Linda and Bob. The weather has been comfortable so far and we really enjoy getting outdoors right now. We have had a few springs rains but not anything too severe. Thanks for reading our blog.


  4. looks very homey and love all the natural plants, herbs, birdfeeders etc.       how nice you are so close to nature for this stay.


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