Getting to know Georgetown, Texas

Since deciding to stay a while in Georgetown, we are learning about our new temporary hometown.  It is not far from the big city of Austin, but it has a small town atmosphere once you get away from the major highways that run through the town.

Downtown is quaint with coffee shops, toy shops, and several fine restaurants.   There are boutiques galore.  

The lady above graces the sidewalk outside a wine shop.   We also had the chance to watch filmmakers on the Square filming a Pizza Commercial.  It was an action scene with two fellows racing through a red light on a motorcycle with a sidecar.  The screamed and yelled real terror, but I doubt that the sound will be the same in the final cut.

There are several green area parks in the city.  We are fortunate to have a nice nature preserve near our RV park.  We walk often on the walkways and Phil has had fun flying his trick kite which is our feature picture for this blog.

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