A pause in our travels

We are taking a pause from our travels to deal with a medical issue for Judy . We knew that full-time travel would not shield us from life’s unexpected surprises. However, when these things do happen, as full-timers we have options. We can stay where we are or we can move to where we want to be for the best medical care for our situation.

We were on top of our travel game this February when life happened. Judy became ill unexpectedly and quickly.   After two emergency room visits and a CT Scan,  and trying to get in to see local specialists in two fields unsuccessful, we were forced to decide where to get the medical care that she would need.  We found that the medical community in our area of Arizona was overwhelmed with many snowbirds that we chose to go to Austin, Texas for its warmer winter weather, the various medical facilities, and the family nearby.

Our first spot at Jim Hogg Campground

We were able to make appointments right away and headed back to Texas (1200 miles). We parked at Jim Hogg COE Campground for over a month with several extensions while we figured out the extent of her problems.

Once we had a couple of great doctors, a plan and a tentative timetable, we were blessed to get an RV parking spot  in Berry Springs RV Park. It is a nice RV Park with a good number of longer term residents as well as snow birders. It is not a resort with spas or pools, but it has a nice laundry and a small club house. It suits us just fine and is affordable.

Berry Springs Nature Preserve

We’ve met several other full-timers who are pausing here to take care of various medical needs before they resume their travels after healing. This is a pretty area with a Preservation Park within walking distance from our site. We stroll through the wildflowers regularly.  We are also not far from shopping stores and of course Austin is not far away either.

We have hoping to make lemonade out of lemons by taking short touristy day trips, doing some general repairs and maintenance on the rig, plus enjoy some grandchildren time.  We have nested just a bit with a few potted flowers and three bird feeders, pictures coming later.

Grandkids and racing friends

The Race is on!

We will keep you posted on our status and share the sites that we visit.  We will share more on the medical as we go along, right now it is a bit  difficult to put it into words.  Prayers are welcomed.


8 thoughts on “A pause in our travels

    • Thank you Sharon, you are added to my prayer list today! Phil calls this our uncharted journey with God as our guide. I have been thinking of you a lot recently and now I know why. Be well!


  1. Phil and Julie, Sandra and I are sending prayers your way! With all of the friends that Judy has sending love and prayers she is bound to beat this quicker than the average person !


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