Our Day at London Bridge

A quick trip to Lake Havasu City in Arizona was just what we needed to feel like tourists again. We drove over the London Bridge and then walked beneath it shopping in the quaint village shops that line the banks.

Flags are flown from the USA and the United Kingdon

We strolled through the carnival feel of a time long ago.

Shopping below London Bridge

This was a special place for Phil because back in the 1970’s, his dad actually did some marketing trying to sell property in Havasu City before it was completed to folks in Oklahoma!  I can only imagine the struggle that must have been.

It was a huge endeavor to take apart the bridge abroad, numbering each stone, bringing it to Arizona with no water for it to build the bridge over! This is truly  lake front property in Arizona!

London Bridge in Havasu City Arizona

We visited the visitor center and was impressed with the long term planning that had to take place to make it all happen.

We purchased four hats from a gentleman with an accent. I think it from Australia, not England. He was delightful with his sales charm. We weren’t shopping for hats!

Fountain in the Square

We want to return and learn more about the area.

It was one of the pleasant days while visiting Havasu City, Arizona.

Wintering in Arizona on BLM Land was a first for us and we hope to do it again!

Our BLM Campsite View

Header back to Austin Texas

We really like our life on the road, but as others have pointed out, we still live life as it comes.  We hit a bump in our travels at Havasu City.  Judy became ill and after a couple of ER visits, we decided to head back to Austin, Texas for medical tests and to be near family.  Now, we have family in Oklahoma and in Virginia, but in February, it seemed to be prudent to avoid the cold weather as much as possible.

We are putting any immediate travel plans on hold while we deal with the medical, but the doctors assure us that this lay-over is temporary.  We hope to be back on the road soon.

Please continue to follow our blog as we start  our new uncharted journey .  We are planning lots of  short trips in and around  Texas Hill Country.  It is beautiful in the Spring.

4 thoughts on “Our Day at London Bridge

    • Thank you for reading our blog. We love Arizona in the winter, and Big Tent Show in January at Quartzsite is an experience that any RVer should have at least once. I checked out your interesting blog and youtube channel and I like it! Before we went full-time, I visited many blogs and learned so much, so your blog will help others too.

      Thanks for the good health wishes, we are blessed to be where we are and in good medical hands. We are looking forward to future travels, but until then we are exploring our local area. Each community has a history and a charm of it’s own.

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