Swansea, once a mining town

While in Parker, Arizona we went into the desert to tour the deserted town of Swansea.


It is a 1889 silver mining and later copper mining community that ceased production in the 1940s.


Employees living quarters

It had living quarters for employees, houses for management, a school and a company store.


Wooden floors, a single window, a stove pipe for heat and an iron bed.


Not much left of the community.

Mule trains originally brought in supplies and later a railroad was used to transport items in and out.


The harsh environment took much away

Desolate DesertDesolate Desert

Not far in miles, but it was long in time to get there.  Bill, our driver did a great job of getting there and back safely.  Our Dodge  truck with dual tires  just would not have made it through the most narrow of roads, it has big hips.

We were grateful to return to our camps near Parker.


Gennies and Solar panels in the desert

2 thoughts on “Swansea, once a mining town

    • Yes, it was bumpy and our truck would not have fit some of the narrow roads. Our Traveling companion, Bill drove his truck. He did a great job of getting us in and out of there. I just kept thinking of the folks that lived there in the late 1800s. They must have been strong stock.


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