Merry Christmas from Emma Long Metropolitan Park in Austin Tx

Merry Christmas from Phil and Judy Kerns

Our little img_0041reduced_2220Christmas Tree looking out into the Colorado River behind our trailer.  We are here having Christmas with our 3 grandchildren (and their parents).  We have been running into Austin just about everyday.  Visiting and Shopping.

We will be heading to Medina Lake Thousand Trails near San Antonio after Christmas and will be spending New Year’s eve there.

Below are a couple more pics of our trailer decorations.

We want to wish all of our bog followers, friends and family a very Joyous Christmas.



7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Emma Long Metropolitan Park in Austin Tx

  1. Merry Christmas to you too, We didn’t send a postal car because it would be too late. We will have Brian, Jamie, Kai, and Sophie over for dinner. Sophie is doing most of the cooking though.


    • Hi Vern

      That sounds like an interesting meal. Sophie is so resourceful and entertaining that I am sure it will be a delightful evening.

      We had a nice day at family in Austin and had a wonderful meal, but we all ate too much!

      Best to all!



    • Thank you Darien and Merry Christmas to you! White City is such a wonderful neighborhood and we miss it. However, the call of the travel is still strong……

      Thanks for reading our blog.


  2. nice photos,  and decorations  enjoy your day with family. we had Christmas service at my church then hurried back to Deb’s home. Gene had invited 4 for tamales and beans.  This am breakfast at their house, opened gifts, then to their church service.This evening dinner ham and fixins at their house and Gene invited a single older guy from his fellowship group. It is cold but the sun was out for a few hours. Love Jo


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