Columbus, Texas

We spent some time in Austin for Thanksgiving with family and got stuffed with turkey, dressing and pies.  Austin has limited RV Parking without early reservations, so after we spent two weeks in the area dry camping, we headed south.  
We are staying in the Colorado River Thousand Trails Park right on the  Colorado River.  It was beautiful when we arrived in good weather, but after about 3 days of rain, we spent a good bit of time watching the river rise.   It never did come to flood stage, but we watched it anyway.


By the time we leave, we will have been here almost 3 weeks.   We find the park clean, tdy, quiet and the staff helpful.  It has been a relaxing time.  I had some holiday sewing to do and this was a good place to slow down and take over our living/dining area with sewing machines and material and cutting/ironing boards etc.   Phil is a good sport.  However, we both are ready for me to finish up so that we can tidy up.


There are lots of deer in the park and they aren’t intimidated by the RV resident at all.   They seem to be gentle creatures. There are wild hogs in the woods nearby and one can hear the coyote yips after dark.


We participated in several of the activities in the park;  Church services and  ice cream on Sunday, pot luck on Saturdays, various musical presentations  and seminars and just enjoyed the small towns in the area.


We love small towns and county court houses.  This is the court house in Columbus Tx a very neat town.  We traveled around with a great couple, Wayne and Sandy that we met in the park and played pegs and jokers several evenings.


We stumbled on this Abram Alley Log Cabin. In the 1800’s, Abram Alley came from Missouri to join his brothers in Stephen F Austin’s old 300 Colony. He settled a few miles south of here on the east side of the colorado and in 1835 married Nancy Millar (1917-1893) of another pioneer family. During the Texas war for independence he went to the aid of settlers fleeing Santa Anna in the runaway scrape and his own home was burned.  Late in 1836 he returned and built this cabin of oak logs.  Here the Alleys raised two daughters and three sons and often entertained friends and travelers

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We made a trip to La Grange Tx and found this Courthouse that had been restored and they found that there was a courtyard in the center of the building and decided to bring it back to its original look,  We just thought the it was really neat.


We will be heading to Emma Long Metropolitan  City Park in Austin to spend Christmas.

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