Full-time tidy-up time

We planned on being in the Tulsa area for about a month to see our two families and several friends who live in the Tulsa area, and to  get our annual physicals.

The big chore will to  be to empty out our one 10X10 storage unit. We don’t have much in it, mainly photographs and genealogy paperwork, some artwork which we hope survived the temperature fluctuations.

We do have a few mementos of our personal travels, but nothing a museum would want. We do  find some of the items in museums that we at one time had in our personal collection. It doesn’t mean that what we had was valuable, just that it was old. We didn’t throw too much away when we had the house and shed. When we decided to sell the house and travel full-time, we gave or sold most everything,

There are a few items that we want to continue store for when we come off the road and someday, we suspect that we will slow down if not settle somewhere.  Not yet though!  So what does one do with small items of personal interest?

Well the photographs and slides from our past.  We hope to sort through them and file or digitize them as we can.  In the mean time, they will likely stay in storage at one of the children’s homes.

The traveling souvenirs will fit nicely in a senior citizen apartment someday and we will size it down to a few small boxes. The artwork should fit into a spare closet at one of the family’s home,   All else will likely be given away or dumped. We’ve been told by others in this situation that after a couple of years, stored items deteriorate and will likely turn to dust to be swept out. We will find out….

A week later and I think that we are losing the battle of the hoarders with the items in the storage shed.   This is as difficult for us emotionally as it was when we got rid of most of our possessions when we went full-time.  We actually extended the unit for another month so we can sort through the items that we forgot were in the unit.  How can something that we forgot become so important as to drag us into another month while we decide what to do with it?


2 thoughts on “Full-time tidy-up time

  1. You have more storage units than we had. It is a big job, and we are glad it is mostly sorted out and restored (only less stuff). We were surprised at the emotional attachment that we had for some of the silliest items. We are trying to stick with the “simplicity” philosophy in the rig.


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