Time with our first camping friends

Once we got the slide and leveling system completed on the fiver and all appears to be working as expected, we spent some time with our first RV Camping Club. They do a monthly camp-out at various campgrounds within a a reasonable distance for most of its members.

We appreciated the RV Club when we first started camping with our small pull trailer. We think the monthly camp-outs gave us a safe place to learn how to camp and vacation in an RV. The long time travelers were generous with their travel stories which encouraged our growing wanderlust. Without this group, we are not sure that we would have been brave enough to take off full-timing. It was good to reconnect with many friends from that time.

We met up with them at Natural Falls State Park and enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We all had a lot to catch up on and it kept us busy visiting, which is a favorite pastime for us.  We were so busy, that we did not take any photographs.

One thought on “Time with our first camping friends

  1. I am unable to get to the Kerns Kaper page At times last week I could not get onto the internet I don’t know if AOLwas hacked in the nationwide hacking problem or if AOL was working on it’s system as it does from time to time. but today I can’t go to leave a comment or finish this e-mail from you.


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