Labor Day in Virginia

We just happened to be in Virginia visiting family when the Patsy Cline Festival was being held in Winchester.  Winchester claims Patsy as a native.  The activities were varied.  We saw a block party, tours of her family home and a shindig was scheduled for  that night.

Our group only had a few hours to  spend in Winchester, so we chose to tour the “Old Town Winchester” by having lunch, checking out the antique shops and the George Washington Museum.


There is a quaintness about the city that makes it easy to stroll and window shop.


We ate at an Italian restaurant where  singing waiters  serve one’s lunch.  They sang operatic songs in Italian, what a hoot for us!


The George Washington Museum was is a small building that he used as his office while  serving as Colonel in the Virginia Militia.  He was responsible for protecting the 300 mile frontier from the Indians and the French. He served from the fall of 1755 to December 1756.



Thyme or Time?

We had a great Labor Day Weekend with family and relaxed in this unique swinging love-seat below.


We love being with family on a holiday.  My family is spread out all over the USA and it has been really nice to drop in on them once in a while.


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