Air and Space Museum

We have been rolling the wheels on our 5th wheel more than normal lately, so blogging has been sitting in draft mode for some time now.  We are finally in a wi-fi connected area and it is time to finish up the previously written drafts of some of our activities this late summer.

Below is more photography than written word, but how can one say anything more spectacular than what the  photos say for themselves?

A Modern Facility

A Modern Facility

We did a quick tour of the Air and Space Museum near Washington DC.  We did not get to see it all, but what we saw was amazing!

Th Enola Gay

Th Enola Gay

Here are some of the pics that Phil took. It has so many interesting planes that is was a bit overwhelming for me.  Phil could have spent several days walking amongst the many different vehicles of flight.


The Shuttle, a favorite

The Shuttle, a favorite

We had a very knowledgeable docent giving  a detailed narrative on the space shuttle.  He had personal military history and stories to tell.  He kept our tour in awe of the magnitude of effort and personnel  that it took to make this program successful.


One should dress for the trip

I actually got to touch the spacesuit.  It was made of 13 different layers of materials. It felt like naugahyde  and so soft to the touch.  I was told that it was incredibly tough and strong to protect the astronauts.

Despres in orbit

Space is a busy place

If one gets the opportunity, this is a must see museum.  There are films, tours and guides at specific locations, several buildings full of flying machines spanning over several world wars.  .

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