Framingham, Massachusetts

We spent the day roaming around Framingham, Massachusetts where Phil spent his high school and early college years. He was raised in a military family and moved a lot.  This was one of the longest stays in one place.  He has many happy memories from this time and place.

We found his family’s home. As we stood across the street admiring the house, the current owner and his three large dogs noticed us.   The owner came outside to check out why we were taking photos of his home!  We must have convinced him, that we meant no harm because he invited us inside and gave us a tour of the home. It is as beautiful as it was in its early years. The stove and kitchen have not been replaced and is the same one Phil’s family used.

He is a professional designer and has updated and modernized it, (all but the kitchen, which is on his to-do list), making it even more lovely and comfortable. He was as excited that Phil  knew the house was loved before.  It is again in loving hands with caring occupants.  That wasn’t always the case.  At one time it was a rental to a group of college students. The area landscaping around the foundation in the front and back have enhanced its’ charm.  With a little rain, the lawn will return.


Phil was pleased to find the service station, called “Scott’s Gulf” back when he worked there while in high school.   It was a”Full Service” station in the 1960’s .   Th station is still in service and little has changed, except now it is “Self Serve”.  The ownership has changed, so that link to the past was gone.   He has many fond memories of that time of his life.


The high school that he attended is now a middle school, but basically the same set of buildings.  We had fun touring through Framingham and seeing the pond that he looked at from his balcony of his apartment, the soccer fields where he played and the neighborhood that meant something special to him.  I felt honored to share in this excursion to his past.

We stayed at the Sturbridge Thousand Trails Resort a few miles away. It is a forested retreat complete with a small lake and shade from the trees, as well as resort amenities.   It was a good place to use as a home base while we explored.  Most of the sites were very tight.  As pretty as our campsite was, it was also tight to get into and worse to extract ourselves.  Phil had to do some fancy backing to get out of the site.  As usual, he did a great job!


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