The Windjammer Parade in Acadia National Park

I wanted to get this blog out last week but we just couldn’t scramble enough wi-fi coverage or even 4G Verizon service to get it done.

Acadia National Park is just a wonderful place to visit.  We 

stayed in another Thousand Trails Resort RV Park in Ellsworth, Maine.  It is about 5 miles from town, but about 18 miles to Bar Harbor and into Acadia.   The weather was great while we were there and a bonus for us was that part of our extended family (Jenny, Zack and Henri) live in  Ellsworth and some actually work in Bar Harbor.  Cousin Sue and Uncle J were visiting too!  They all came out to our spot for kayaking and a cookout one night.

Jenny and Zack tried out our blow up KayakIt was great to meet up with them for lunch and get the inside scoop on the Windjammer Parade the following day.   We made plans to meet up with them to scope out a good viewing spot. We left our truck in Bar Harbor and hitched a ride with them since parking is so difficult on these busy days.

Phil and Jenny were willing to hike to the top of Acadia and got some spectacular photo shots.  I was pleased to see so many hikers making their way up the mountain to watch the festivities and impressed with the groups returning with children.

Phil and Jenny on top of Acadia Mountain

Phil and Jenny on top of Acadia Mountain

Cousin Sue and I chose the low road and found a viewing spot about halfway up the Acadia  Mountain to sit and relax as the ships sailed past.

Our view was different, but beautiful in its’ own way.


It was one of the busiest days of the season and very crowded.   After the parade and due to heavy traffic and time constrictions, Phil and I were going to catch one of the park buses back to Bar Harbor where we left the truck.  The bus was running a little wait and we just sat down on some rocks and waited.

We saw it coming and assumed it would slow down for the Bus Stop Sign but it didn’t.  It whirled past us in a flurry with us waving and smiling, and hoping to catch the driver’s eye. Evidently we caught the eye of one of the passengers who convinced the driver to stop down the road.  We hurriedly walking quickly and then jogging and finally at a trot (we don’t run anymore) to catch up with the bus to get on.  The passenger that noticed us had gotten off the bus to wave at us to move it faster.  We were holding up traffic!   The bus had passed the bus stop roadside turnout area to pick up passengers.

The driver explained that it was not a regular stop and we should have flagged her down earlier.   I suspect that she assumed no one would be there needing  a bus and if she had pulled over to get us, she would not have easily gotten back on the road.  The traffic was bumper to bumper for miles.   We listened to the buses radio and other drivers were having to “leave behind” passengers due to lack of capacity.   When we returned to Bar Harbor Bus drop off and pickup point, the lines were long and the area was packed with people.  We were blessed that the passenger noticed us and made enough noise to get us picked up.   It might have been a long wait for another bus to come our way.  We chuckled at our good luck and chocked it up to another wonderful story of our life on the road.

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