Crossing Lake Champlain

_DSC0377reduced_1798We routed ourselves to take a ferry across Lake Champlain  from Essex, New York to Charlotte, Vermont. We could have driven around and across one of the bridges that connected New York and Vermont, but it was a two lane road with lots of small towns along the way.  This was a slight shortcut. It was an adventure and that was its’ purpose.  We love an adventure!
The marina area was charming with pretty cottages and interesting Inns.

_DSC0379reduced_1800 _DSC0380reduced_1801


We drove to Essex, New York and put ourselves in line to board. It was so easy for us. It was a calm day with little wind and a smooth ride.


We were across the lake in no time and heading north about 20 miles to our destination.


Our dock coming up in Vermont.  Sometimes it is fun to do something “just because”!




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