Lockport Locks

We have been trekking our way from Minnesota to Vermont.  Along the way we stopped at interesting places.  Again, we were tourists at historical sites.

While in Lockport, New York,  we also visited the downtown area and the Erie Canal Locks called the “Flight of Five”.   We were lucky to have a couple of tour boats coming into the locks and watched as they were lowered into the lower locks and progressing down through the Erie Canal.  It was a well planned walking tour with stops along the way to explain each area and its’ contribution to the canal development.


This was one of Phil’s favorite places so far.  He tool lots of photos and I hope that they are enjoyed.




We watched the process with fascination.   Phil spotted the heavy equipment and had to check out what it’s purpose was.


It is used to clean out the depree that floats downstream and gathers at the side banks of the canal.


One of the things that I like to do as we travel is hit local Farmer’s Markets.  Our timing was wrong for that, but we did catch a small vegetable and fruit stand.  We picked up tomatoes like we used to grow, multi-colored sweet corn which was “just picked”, fresh peaches and cherries.

I wish now that I had photographed the lovely fruits and veggies, but I promptly prepared them for dinner.

A good haul for us. Tonight it is fresh sweet corn homegrown tomatoes, squash and for dessert it is peaches and ice cream!

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