Niagara Falls, New York

We are headed to Essex Junction, Vermont for the Escapades Rally.  We enjoyed the rally in Tucson, Arizona last year and decided to combine the trip with a Northeastern tour.

As we were planning our trip, a number of family celebrations were scheduled.  We re-mapped our trip several times.  We did not want to miss any of the family celebrations, but we also wanted to attend this rally.  Fortunately with our lifestyle we can be flexible.  Life is good this way!

Driving through New York is a beautiful experience and if we are this close to Buffalo, Niagara Falls has to happen.   We stayed at the Lockport Elks Lodge which is less than a half hour away.  It has four electric and water hook-ups and a friendly membership.


On their recommendation, we planned our day for Niagara Falls and we did not regret placing the truck in a parking lot just a couple of blocks away from the Falls parking lot. It was full before we arrived anyway, and far more expensive than what we paid ($5 versus $20 a day).


We grabbed a quick breakfast on-site and hit the path to the Falls.  It is humongous and noisy.  However we took the advice of an Elk’s member in the Lodge to get tickets for the boat ride on the ” Maid of the Mist”.  Many of them confessed that they lived in the area all of their lives or for many years and they had gone to the Falls, but had not done any of the boat rides until later years.  They wished that they had done it earlier.   It is one of those bucket list items and full of excitement and experience.


We were so excited to be at Niagara Falls! It was like several other sites that we have experienced.  It took our breath away being so very awesome!



For $18.25 each, we received a blue rain cape and a spot on the boat.   It took us under the three falls, spraying us with lots of water.   It was amazing.!  The roar of the water and bounce of the boat is almost indescribable.    It was a real Thrill for both of us.


It reminded us of the affect that the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone National Parks had on us.  The feeling of your breath being taken away is unforgettable and priceless.


I was giddy as the water spray found me no matter where I stood!  We did get wet even with the blue ponchos.

There are lots of other things one can do in the area like museums, jet boat rides and various tours.  We were limited on time and some on touristy expenses and feel that we got a good bang for our buck.


The USA side passengers wore blue rain covers and the Canadian side wore red.  We waved at one another as we traveled to and from the Falls.


This was a big thrill for us!  I would highly recommend this stop to everyone.  As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, it is indeed wondrous!

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