We became tourists for the week-end in Memphis. We stayed at the Graceland RV Park, which is amongst the touristy shops and Elvis Museums  right across the street from the Mansion, Graceland.


It is so touristy that we debated whether or not to participate. We usually prefer to be history buffs or taking the route more off of the beaten path for interesting and little known tidbits about the places that we visit.  However, we are both Elvis fans and danced to his music at our high school proms so decided “why not”?

There are plenty of options to purchase tour tickets with various add ons and VIP upgrades, but we chose the basic tourplus  stepped it up one notch. That means that we got the mansion tour and 3 other venues to tour.  We saw most everything except the airplanes which were outside on this very hot summer Memphis day.  Fortunately they gave us a double discount on the price, one for being seniors and another discount because Phil is a Veteran.


We spent most of the day visiting the different museums and at each exit one must exit though a gift and souvenir shop.  It gives one time to shop for as much Elvis branded items that one can carry.

The guest services and all Graceland employees were gracious and helpful.  They made sure that even in the scorching heat, everyone had a good time and felt welcomed and not rushed.

The mansion was much like a home and had a warmth that surprised me.  I guess that I expected it to be formal and cold.  It did have  ecca few eccentricness, but one could feel that it was a sanctuary for Elvis and his family and friends.

After our tours and venue cruising, we asked one another what we thought of the day. We each were glad that we did it. We agreed that once is enough for us, but it was a trip down memory lane and we felt tastefully done. Not everyone will agree with us but that is alright.

Friday night we had dinner on-sit at the Rock n Roll cafe which also offered an Elvis impersonator show. Michael Cullipher is a young man from Oklahoma who did a wonderful job of bringing memories of Elvis and his music back to life.


Saturday night we were picked up and chauffeured in a pink cadillac to Mowery’s for BBQ ribs.   The food was good, the service exceptional and we even grabbed a geocache in the parking lot.  It was relaxing to stay close to the RV park and leave the driving to others.  Next time, we will check out Beale Street via a trolley.

Now we go onward and northward in search of cooler weather.

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