A quick Trek to the Northeast

We spent nearly a week in Minnesota for a family wedding. It was a themed wedding, our first. The wedding party was costumed in beautiful “Lord of the Rings” formal dress.


Our family got into the mood of things and sported various characters form the books/movies.


Phil and I couldn’t resist not participating as Elves.


It was such a fun celebration.  We wish the Bride and Groom the best of times for their future.

We were able to host an after wedding campfire and dinner at our campsite in the William O’brien State park, near the St. Croix river.

Forest fun

We managed to get in one day of kayaking on the St. Croix. It was a lovely time.

From Minnesota we drove through Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois,  Michigan and Ohio. We enjoyed short stays in various county parks and Elks Lodge facilities. We kayaked when possible, walked trails if they were available and continued our drive toward the Northeast park of our country.


We really enjoy this RV Life!

One thought on “A quick Trek to the Northeast

  1. These are beautiful photos of the wedding, unfortunately I did not take any photos as I only had a disposable camera which was several years old and any prints were of poor quality. Anyway you can put them on my facebook?


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