St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine, Florida  was on our original list of places to stop for a few days of exploring.  We removed it due to time limitations, but reinstated it when Phil needed some programing done on his new hearing aid.  They had the software to do whatever his hearing aid needed done.

We were only able to stay a couple days, but we made the best of it.  This is short post on our sight-seeing tour in the area.

I was introduced to the Atlantic Ocean!   I fell in love with the beaches and the warm salty sea.   It was nothing like the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico.  Can you tell that I am an inlander from the middle of America?  I was born in Kansas and spent most of my adult life just across the border in Oklahoma.   Large bodies of water that I knew were lakes, gee-whiz, a big pond would impress me.  Therefore the endless mass of water that the Atlantic Ocean presented was just amazing to me.  I got a big kick out of seeing one of the early seaports in our land.


Castillo De San Marcos National Monument was a first line of defense for the Spanish.  Built in 1672 it stood firm in defense against English attacks and helped Spain hold Florida for many years.  During the American Revolution it was an English stronghold and later it became a battery in the US Coastal Service.


We also did a quick ground’s tour of the nearby  lighthouse.  We don’t try to climb the stairs anymore, but are drawn closer to see them when we can.


St Augustine is a beautiful city with old, really old buildings still in use today. I left wanting to see and know more about this place.  So it is now on our “come back” list of places to see.






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