Still traveling in Florida

We decided to visit dear friends in Florida while we were in the lower southeast of the country. Our first stop was Ft. Walton, then Newport and Wildwood. I have posted about Ft. Walton and Newport Campground and thought it was time that I give a brief review of Wildwood from our perspective.

This is the time of year that snowbirds have long left Florida for cooler climates.  It is hot, humid and it rains intermittently.  That said, it is still beautiful with differences in each separate location.

Wildwood, Florida is located near the retirement area called The Villages.   It is full of energetic and affluent senior citizens who live in gated communities, drive customized golf carts, spend a good bit of time shopping, dining and golfing.

The most common form of transportation in the Village

The most common form of transportation in the Village

It is a trendy man-made setting and we enjoyed our time there.  We did notice very few children although there were nice school buildings in the cities.  We just saw very few young people.  We both thought how much our grandchildren would have loved the fish in the lake, but it was a no fishing pier.  This appears to us to be a place for adult seniors who consider themselves in their second childhood.

Village fish

It is filled with folks who come  from all areas of the country as they retire and search for a place to spend their retirement years.  The activities are many.  We saw musicians play nightly at various public squares near shopping centers and picked up a flyer that advertised the various hot spots for clubbing, dining or dancing.  There are plenty of golf courses and athletic activities available.

Man-made Lake at the Village

Man-made Lake at the Village

We found it interesting but a little too frantic for us.  We are more laid back in our daily lives.  While shopping in the grocery store, I thought that the shoppers seemed to be still rushing around on a time table and pushing to check out fast and first.  I did not see many laid back folks who would look me in the eye and say hello.  They must be from some large city like the salsa that doesn’t come from Texas. I am sure if one lived here for any length of time that they would find their tribe and  make friends.  However, I have found that Rvers are just a tad friendlier in my opinion.

We were told that normally The Village is crowded.   We were here in the off season so it was an easy drive anywhere.  We have learned that it is a good idea to plan on staying off the road-end  over a holiday week, preferably in  an RV Park.

We camped in the Three Flags Thousand Trails RV Resort.  We are new to the Thousand Trail program and are giving it a strong test run.

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day 2016

We liked Three Flags and were comfortable in their large size spots.  We met several other full-time Rvers and were told that Three Flags is one of the best.  It was a great spot to spend a holiday week-end out of the hustle and bustle of a Public Campground near a lake or a beach.

We moved on after a week and met up with our dear friends and have been enjoying the Gulf Coast of Florida near Ft. Myers.  I will catch you up on this visit next blog.

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