Sanibel Island


We spent a week near Sanibel Island just off of Ft Myers Beach.   We may have slept in Ft Myers, but we visited Sanibel a lot.  The beaches are beautiful!


We walked several beaches and picked up shells on Flipper Beach.  We ate at several of the unique restaurants and well as at our host’s home.  They do a bang up job of a steak dinner!

our beautiful foursomereduced_1604

Our purpose to visit Florida in the  summer was to see these dear friends, Gretchen and Bob, who decided to retire in Ft Myers a few years ago.  They were our first and treasured Argentine Tango teachers.


We had fun learning tango back then, they made it so easy.   It was such a blessing to get to reconnect with them as if we were never apart. I guess that is a sign of true friendship.



These dear folks shared their favorite spots in the area.   We were amazed at the beauty of Sanibel Island.  The lushness of the landscapes and the blue-green of the gulf were treats to the senses.  The island has no stop lights, but a traffic control cop directing the main streets directs and entertains.   One could ride a bike from one end of the island to another.  The  shops were fabulous and a little shopping was had by both of us.


Phil got to tag along with Bob to the remote control (RC) boat races at one of the inland lakes.

Phil at Boat Racesreduced_1605

Bob has built some really beautiful boats. Phil had a blast!


This was off-season so the traffic was tolerable and the crowds few.  We parked in an Encore Park located in Ft Myers Beach, which was promoting a half price  special.  It was a nice park and we did enjoy the pool. spa and walks in the area. It is close to the beach, shopping and the management was helpful and friendly.  However, in the busy season, it would have been a tight fit for our rig.

We want to return in cooler weather and stay a bit longer.