Gulf Coast National Seashore

We spent two weeks at Davis Bayou Campground which is located within the Gulf Coast National Seashore Mississippi side, near Ocean Springs.  The campsites are beautiful and spacious.There is another campground within the Gulf Coast National Seashore in Florida near Pensacola.  We hope to stay there on our return trip from Florida.

Our Davis Bayou Campsite

Our Davis Bayou Campsite

We enjoyed walking the trails, kayaking the bayou, watching the bats at sunset and later seeing the owls following the bats.   The ranger programs were interesting and we were able to share them with visiting grandchildren.  The kids got a kick out of watching the alligators in the Gator Pond.

There he is!

There he is!

Looking for leftovers, there weren't any.

Looking for leftovers, there weren’t any.

The National Park Service does a good job with the visitor activities.  The Visitor Center has educational films, displays and plenty of trails to explore.  They also schedule the Bayou tours by skiff and kayak.  We saw Osprey nests with the young being fed and some of us saw dolphins on the skiff tour.  We look forward to returning to the Park in late June.


5 thoughts on “Gulf Coast National Seashore

  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! QUESTION: what is the brand of your kayak/canoe? It looks like an inflatable. Would you recommend it? We have been looking at getting one, have only seen individual inflatables, but we like that yours is a kayak/canoe ‘built-for-two’! Thanks for any info and thoughts!
    Bobbie Hostetler


    • It is a Sea Eagle 330. It is on sale for $275 now. We got the pro package which it what is on sale now.

      Our nephew had one and we got to try it out last summer when we traveled a short while together. It has served us well. We have a fifth-wheel and are short on space. A hard sided one or two singles would be a challenge for us.

      It comes with oars and accessories. You will need a good Kayaking life vest. It takes about 10-15 minutes to manually pump it up or to deflate it when we are done. It can carry about 500 lbs,

      I have little experience with hard sided kayaks or canoes, but we enjoy our inflatable very much. I think it is a good starter. When we purchased our vests at a kayak shop and told him what we bought, he said it was a great kayak for the price. There are some out there that are much more expensive and probably have all sorts of bells and whistles. We are new to the water tools and did not want to invest too much at first.

      The Sea Eagle 330 works for us!


    • Will do! Henderson state park is highly recommended near Destin. We did not park there as pets are not allowed. It is right on the beach and dogs are a problem on beaches. We stayed at the Elks RV area. It is just across the street from the free public beach.
      We were told that the independent Rv parks are quite pricy.


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