Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Somehow my original post was deleted, sending out only one photo and no description of  out time.  We liked the are so much that I am updating the post to include a few of our comments.

We spent nearly a week at  Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and we were pleasantly surprised at how pretty the area is in early spring.    The buds were just starting to swell and not many were blooming, but the promise of flowers was refreshing.


We signed up for the van tour of the Oasis spring near the southern border.   Although this area is classified as a desert, the greenery makes Organ Pipe Cactus Monument seem like a lush green oasis in some areas.



We were well aware of the closeness to the border once we drove the park road to the oasis spring.   It was interesting to see so many border guards from the other side of the border.  It appeared that both sides of the border are patrolled on a regular basis.  We were told to stay on established roads and to avoid contact with walkers in secluded areas.  We did as told and saw nothing out of the ordinary.


The park rangers provide many educational seminars during the day and after dark.  We enjoyed the different topics, but really enjoyed the evening programs.  The night sky was amazing on the walk back to camp.


The campsites were nice sized and appropriately landscaped.    The solar shower houses and flush toilets certainly made the all boon docking sites seems upscale.

_DSC0349reduced_1375The hood of the truck was propped open to discourage the pack-rats from snacking on the electrical wires or to make a nest in the dark area of the engine.

IMG_20160221_091258227We found Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument a beautiful place to visit and we are glad we took the time to go this year.

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