What do we do in the desert?

We spent a couple of months dry-camping in the desert at various BLM lands with friends.   What does one do when out in the desert so far from the city?

We have  found that there are many communities that camp yearly in the desert, often with the same group of buddies and it may be in the same area each year.We were fortunate to camp near the ultralight parachute fliers.  To me, it looked like a go cart with a parachute, but it  also looked like fun.


The wind has to be perfect and you are the crew  straightening out the many lines on the parachute.


The sunsets were wonderful as always in the southwest.  The sky looked afire.


We watch the morning rainbows.


There is geocaching which took us to a cool little museum not far from our camp.


We took a few day drives to local spots like the Havasu Dam and found some wild burros along the way.



We had dinner on the water below the dam.


Then there were the desert races….


The best event of the desert and one that we will take with us as we travel on are the friendships that we have made while in the desert.





2 thoughts on “What do we do in the desert?

  1. We love sharing this life with others! Hope that you can join us in our adventures again someday. Yes, I love the sunshine and warm winds in the desert. The cacti are starting to bloom now. My next post will have some photos. I hope that they turned out


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