Hanger Party in the Desert

We were allowed to tag along with our friend Bob and Donna to a Hanger Party in Salome AZ.   This was the 15th Annual Millie’s Hanger Party.   I did not discover what the celebration was about, but about a hundred of our host, Millie’s closest friends showed up with potluck dishes and to dance to the band.

This party was held in an airport community in which the hangers often have living quarters, a garage for the automobile and a hanger for the small planes.  The streets are wide so the the planes can taxi to and from the runway prior to or after an air flight.  No parking is allowed in the street and the stop signs are low to the ground so that they don’t clip a wing on an airplane.  I had never seen anything like this before.  Another first!

It was a lovely afternoon with good food, good company and a lot of good music.DSC_0251reduced_1126


And the dancing went on.Band & Dancers

They had to move the plane out of the hanger to dance.                                                                   Hanger Party









Bob and Donna in deep discussion.


We feel so fortunate to have met so many nice people while in the desert.  I realize that there are nice people everywhere, but somehow in the harsh desert it seems so special.  We seem to become attached to nearly every place that we spend more than a night or two in.  Arizona has such diverse geology and weather at nearly every season of the year.

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