Boomerville, our first !

We have a Bucket List of things that we want to do while traveling and the Quartzsite RV and Tent Show was on that list. It is a group of mostly senior citizens rving around the country who stop in Quartzsite as if it were a Woodstock week-long event.   I thought of gray-haired hippies often in million dollar rigs. 

Boomerville is a camping location called Scadden Wash on BLM land where the Escape BOF (birds of a feather group) gather. near Quartzsite, Arizona.

There are many other sites of group campers as well.  We met up with a few Boomers over that past year while visiting special areas like Death Valley.  We enjoyed our time with them and decided to camp with them at Quartzsite.

We did stop to visit with the OOB Fest (Outside Our Bubble group) to say hi and to thank David for his blog on wi-fi boosters.  Phil was able to purchase and install ours and we are very happy with the results and the cost, less than $100.
Quartzsite is a hot, sleepy little town in the summer, but comes alive in the the winter.  There are numerous rallies, rock shows and activities to entertain the snow birds that flock to the warmth of the area and to the low cost or free camping opportunities.

Beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

Boomerville Sunset

The was the Annual RV and Tent Show that runs every January.  Hordes of RV travelers flock to shop the vendors, wander through the newest and greatest RVs for sale and to shop at the surrounding flea markets.  There are long-term friendships formed among the many visitors and lots to do while visiting.

We have been fortunate to meet Donner Huffer and Bob Parker, who are a resource of dry camping and the local attractions in the area.  We also met Rob and Linda Reighter on their first visit to Boonervillle.  We have found friends along the way everywhere we go.


Here we are at a Vendor Sponsored Dinner.

Sponsored Dinner

We were fortunate to meet a wonderful full-timer couple, Donna Huffer and Robert Parker, who took us under their wings and mentored us on how to really boon-doc and what fun it can be in the desert and Rob and Linda Reighter. Below, we visited the Desert Bar,which is a six mile drive through the desert on a dirt road.  It is the place to be in January on a Saturday afternoon.  It is only open in the winter and only for a day or two on the week-end.  It is totally powered by solar energy, serves great food, live music and all sorts of drinks.


Desert Bar Band

The Desert Bar Chapel is a popular attraction, but the older cars add interest to the surroundings.

Desert Bar Chapel

Desert Relics

When we joined the Boomerville group.  were amazed at the many activities planned.  The activities list kept growing daily.  Some mornings started with group pancakes, then there was a 9am walk (about 2 miles out into the desert) or a hike or a canoe trip or a 4X4 trip.

This is the view on the morning walks.

Desert around us

There were educational seminars on RV topics of particular interest to full-time Rvers and opportunities to learn about traveling in Europe, Alaska or Mexico in an RV. Arts and crafts show, an auction to benefit care, a chili cook-off and BBQ potlucks.

Fire Safety Class was well attended.

Fire ClassPutting the fire out and escaping the RV is important!

RV Fire escaping

We learned about cooking with solar power.

Solar CookingWe enjoyed the daily opportunities to socialize and get updates on the activities coming on the next day or so.

Happy Hour in BommervilleBob and Donna took us to various areas of interests that we likely would never have discovered without their help.

The Intaglio below is of a fisherman of ancient times.  An intaglio is according to Webster :  an engraving or incised figure in stone or other hard material depressed below the surface so that an impression from the design yields an image in relief.

Can you see the image

It was a bit chilly at time, but it did not dampen the spirits or slow down any of the activities. Kifer class.Kefir class

I learned about fermenting vegetables, making my own kefir and Kombucha Tea.

There were so many activities that we must return to Boomerville to catch up on the many activities that we missed.  As usual, we learned that we can’t do it all, but we can return.  We look forward to meeting up with our newly found friends down the road.


5 thoughts on “Boomerville, our first !

  1. I knew Quartzite was a special place and have driven through many times, but seldom stopped. I understood there is virtually no native water, it all has to be brought in. Or so I heard.


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