Palm Springs Activities

I thought that I might just share a few photos of the Air Museum that we visited in Palm Springs California.

The planes were WWII and/or Korean War Planes and still considered flyable.   The Docents were readily available to answer questions and give personal experiences along the way.

We spent most of our time in Palm Springs shopping and shipping for Christmas gifts for grandchildren, we are so proud to have 12 beautiful and healthy grandchildren.  They give us such joy.

Palm Springs is a shopping mecca.  Malls are everywhere and there are specialty shops and fine quality stores to peek into or to window shop as we walked along.   I did not get to see them all!

The weather was a bit windy for me to do a lot outside, but Phil


Golfing in Palm Springs

did get to golf once.  The course was beautiful.

I published a blog about the Sunnyland Estate recently and that was an interesting place as well.

We love our lifestyle and enjoy seeing sights and touristy places, but we really like to learn where the local folks like to spend their time.  The College of the Desert Street Fair is a favorite of the locals.  It was a hoot. I found assorted kitchen gadgets for the rig, fresh fruits and local honey.  We enjoyed strolling along the booths with items of artistry in clothing, accessories, handbags, tools and stuff that we would have no place for in the rig.  There were a few booths with electronic and state of the art technical gadgets too.  We love to window shop and not feel the absolute need to purchase everything that we see because we have no place for it.  We are still consumers, but we are more selective now that space is limited.

We did like the atmosphere of the Palm Springs area.  We actually stayed at a Thousand Trails Park in Desert Palms. The cities are so close to one another that they seem to just roll into the other.   We did like the park, although it was a challenge to park the rig due to so many Palm Trees.  As usual, Phil managed it easily.

There were plenty of  activities going on it the park; live music, some dancing, water aerobics, craft fairs, a chili cooking contest and a Rig Christmas decorating and lighting contest.

On Sunday there was a nondenominational church service, which was very nice during these holidays away from family. Yes, we will likely return!




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