Lunch in the Santa Ynez Mountains

We drove to Santa Barbara for some scheduled truck repairs, then visited Trader Joe’s.  That is a destination must do stop on our list.  Phil had never been to a Trader Joe’s and immediately adjusted well by filling our cart with all sorts of snacks.   I am not quite sure what it is, but cheeses and crackers and assorted goodies just seem to taste better from Trader Joe’s.

We took an alternate route home doing a little site-seeing through the Santa Ynez Mountains.  We were directed to the Cold Springs Tavern for lunch.  It was once a stage coach stop and it appears that some of the original (or well reproduced and aged) buildings are still intact.   We walked the grounds and read the various history of the facility.  There were numerous interesting tidbits about the rules for passengers, drivers and the acceptable behavior of gentlemen when ladies were present.  The food was superb and reasonably priced.

We stopped at the Cachuma Project, the Bradbury Dam holds back the overflow of the Santa Ynez river during the rainy season in the Cachuma lake.  The water level is sadly low and a reminder of the 4 year severe drought that this region is suffering through.  Everyone is hoping for rain this year.

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