Lassen Volcanic National Park

Our trek through Oregon’s National Parks led us south to California’s Lassen Volcanic National Park.  We parked at the Manzanita Lake Campground finding the days still warm and the nights very cool.

We loved spending the time off-grid using the solar system and relaxing in the woods.  We read a lot and strolled through the campgrounds.  There was little or no cell service and wi-fi was non-existent.   We are now in cellular civilization with RV Park wi-fi that is actually park wide and not just in the community center.  That is why I am posting our blogs rapidly in succession.

We only stayed a couple of nights in Manzanita Lake Campground and drove through Lassen Volcanic National Park going south with the rig.  The roads were good and less frightening than many that we have driven in other parks.  There were plenty of pull-outs large enough for a rig our size and roomy parking lots along the way to stop and stroll around the sights.

We contemplated the 2.5 mile hike up to the peak of Lassen, but it starts at 9000 feet and the apex is 10000 feet.  We decided it too warm (80 degrees) to leave Pj in the truck or rig while we trek upward 1000 feet in limited oxygen and back down at our current state of physical condition.  It is listed as a 4-5 hour hike ( 5 mile, round trip) with reminders to take plenty of water, extra layers and an emergency kit.   We still have some commonsense and admired it from the parking lot.

Lassen reminded us of Yellowstone with its lava pots boiling, the sulfur smells and steam vapors coming from the mountainsides.  It was just as beautiful and awesome.  These latest national parks were so wonderful to visit and I am grateful for those who chose to preserve them for all of the people, and to not capitalize the land for only a wealthy few or to destroy the landscape for profit.

I am reminded of our blessing of the American National Parks often by the many Asian and European visitors that have traveled much farther than I do to see this natural beauty.  They express their own awes and appreciation for the natural habitats available.  It is a special pride in the wisdom of early political decisions in our country.  I hope that we never forget this wonder.

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