Sutherlin, Oregon Timber Valley RV Park

We stopped in Sutherlin, Oregon at the SKP RV Park called Timber Valley.  It is a Co-Op Park and we are touring as many as we can this trip,    We wanted to check out  our upgraded solar system where if we had any problems, we could fix it.  Sutherlin and Roseburg had hardware and RV parts stores nearby and we did use them for last minute items during the trial run.

We enjoyed the time visiting and the solar did very well. A bit more information is available in our recent blog post. Below is a re-post of the photos of the solar system.  Phil is quite proud of it.

Deer, rabbits and turkeys roamed the park as if it was their home.  My mums were dinner for one of them.  I was left with barely a stem and a bud.

While there, we were encouraged to visit the Lighthouse Cafe for a vegetarian  lunch.  I love veggie dishes, while Phil is less enthusiastic, but  he is a good sport.  Our meal was wonderful!  Other items are sold at the cafe such as breads, jams and organic fresh vegetables when in season.

This was a great park with nice size lots, wide streets and friendly residents.   The weather was wonderful and we used the stop for lading in supplies and doing laundry.

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